Village Enhancement / Heritage Focus Group

6th July 2016


  1. Introduction - Why we are here?

    1. a.   Focus Group

      b.   Objective Meeting


  2. Work done so far.

    1. a.    Tidy Towns General Meeting.

      b.    FAS Work

      c.    Heritage Group

      d.    Other.


  3. Where and how we can improve?.

    1. a.    Brainstorm and discuss ideas for the following:-
        i      Involving the community

             History & heritage in Lawrencetown

        iii    Regular tidy towns activity.

        iv   Tidy towns entry 5 year plan where do we wish to focus?

        v     Ecology, wildlife, natural amenities

        vi    Energy, waste, water

        vii   Buildings and village infrastructure improvements and using derelict or     .      empty buildings

      .    Concrete Actions.
        i      Maps of area historical to modern, large scale, updated

        ii     Define boundaries and areas of significance

        iii    Appoint a committee

        iv    Develop a vision and plan for Lawrencetown, written and visual

        v     Regular activity at regular intervals

        vi    Expand the team

        vii   Other