Village Enhancement / Heritage Focus Group Meeting Infrastructure / Aesthetics

18th January 2017


  1. Welcome & Introduction.
  3. Review:
             a.   Development of Heritage trail & map/ brochure

               b.   Biodiversity survey & plan

               c.   Bord na Mona meeting

               d.   Meeting with Fran McEvoy Skyline & Lisbeg
  4. Village Infrastructure

               a   Look at village photos

               b    Divide village into 3 parts: top, bottom, middle.

               c    Overhead wires potential for burying during windfarm development?                 Lights

               d    Pathways

               e    Green area development, paving

               f    Statue

               g    Landscape Designer

  5. Aesthetics

               a   Painting plan buildings and gates and walls

               b    Flower plan

               c     Welcome signs, heritage signs

               d    Lisheen, Boardwalk

               e    Potential for enterprise

                           i     Heritage Office.

                           ii    Coffee Shop.

                           iii    Using windows for business advertisement/ heritage photos/
                                  community notice board.

                           iv   Other.

  6. Links with biodiversity, sustainability, heritage

  7. Way ahead
               a   Communication with village residents/ property owners

               b   Communication with wider community feedback and endorsement
                     meeting/ briefing date? Objectives?

               c    Communication with local authority

               d    Assistance & funding (Raffle, Auction, Ladies & Legends night)

               e    Strategic plan Key actions
  8. AOB

  9. Next meeting 7th Feb - Sustainability