Lismany House -

Pollock's Residence

Pollock lived in Lismany, near Ballinasloe. The laying of the first stone is recorded in "The Western Star" of March 29th, 1856.

"Laying of the first stone of Lismany House
About twelve o'clock on Monday last, the weather being most propitious the ceremony of laying the first stone of a mansion for the residence of John Algie, Esq. took place at Lismany, with three miles of Ballinasloe. There was a large concourse of people present on the occasion, when the carriages conveying the proprietor, Alan Pollock, Esq. and the principal visitors arrived and at 1 o'clock, the stone that was previously prepared and brought to its position for setting, was laid by Mrs. Pollock, amidst the acclamations of the people present. Mr. Pollock came forward, and in a most liberal manner gave the foreman two sovereigns for the men to regale themselves for the remainder of the day. Mr. Madden, the contractor, being present, spoke in very eloquent terms on the auspicious event, he called for three cheers for the founder and setter of the first stone of the Lismany mansion which was most cordially received. Mark Byrne, Esq., of Dublin, after the laying of the stone called for a cheer for the Misses Pollock, which was received with the same enthusiasm as the other announcement Three cheers being called for Mr. Algie and family, Mr. Pollock came forward and expressed his most ardent desire that Mr. Algie would live long with his family to manage in this locality his property which he was happy to say, had prospered so much under his superintendence On the occasion there were present Mrs. Pollock and the Misses Pollock, Miss Algie, Allan Pollock Esq., Mark Byrne Esq., Allan Algie and Jannes Algie E'qrs.,----Gardiner Esq., William Maxwell C.E. and Mr. Francis Madden, the contractor. The building will possess many architectural beauties, and is rather creditable to Mr. Madden that he has been employed as contractor.